Three Ontario men face charges after hundreds of cannabis plants seized from illicit industrial grow-op

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An Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) raid this week in Norfolk County revealed a massive, indoor cannabis grow-op with plants estimated to be worth just shy of $800,000.

Coupled with other police services in the area, the raid of what looked to be a warehouse-type structure resulted in seizing about $796,000 in cannabis plants and $20,400 in processed marijuana.

A search warrant was obtained and carried out in response to “ongoing community complaints,” Constable Ed Sanchuk of the Norfolk County OPP said in an OPP video, which showed a sea of cannabis plants numbering in the hundreds.

Constable using clippers to dismantle marijuana plants. / Photo: Screen capture, OPP video / Photo: Screen capture, OPP video

“What you need to realize is that the plants that are grown outside of provincial and federal legislation oftentimes goes back to fund organized crime,” Sanchuk emphasized. “We will continue to investigate complaints from members of the public regarding criminal cannabis allegations.”

Following Sanchuk’s update, the video shows a constable using large clippers to dismantle the plants at the base of the stalk. The dismantled plants are then shown in what looks to be a loader preparing to dump the plants into a large waste hauler.

Dismantled plants being dumped into waste truck. / Photo: Screen capture, OPP video / Photo: Screen capture, OPP video

The discovery landed three men at the scene in hot water. Taken into custody without incident, all three now face charges of possessing cannabis for the purpose of selling and cultivation, propagation or harvest of marijuana plants “at a place that is not their dwelling house,” according to the police, who note the investigation is continuing.

The men are expected to appear in court at a later date.

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