An employee tests positive for COVID-19 at Canopy's Smiths Falls cannabis facility

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A Canopy Growth employee at the company’s Smiths Falls, Ont. facility has tested positive for COVID-19.

A company spokesperson confirmed the positive case with Inside Ottawa Valley. At least eight other employees have been tested for the virus after the initial case was confirmed on Friday, July 3.

Jordan Sinclair, director of communications, said the results from the additional tests won’t be available until later this week.

The employee is currently recovering at home with mild symptoms. “The individual — the last time they were on the site — was June 25 … now nine days. Based on the fact that the site is fairly heavily-regulated and you have to swipe in if you change rooms, it’s pretty easy for us to understand exactly where the person was when they were on site,” Sinclair said.

The additional employees were tested as a precautionary measure, he said and there are no plans, at the moment, to close the facility.

“We have been cleaning top to bottom every day just as normal course because we have been running a production site for months now we have had all these protocols in place where we have been cleaning way more than normal,” he said.

Some of the protocols include screening employees before they enter the facility, including taking their temperature.

“For the time being we are going to operate the site,” he said.

Sinclair said the positive case is related to another known outbreak within the province, but would not offer more details as to avoid identifying the individual.

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