BC spent $23.6 million on legal cannabis last month

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It’s no secret that British Columbians enjoy cannabis, but now there are some numbers to back it up.

Statistics Canada has released the breakdown of each province’s monthly cannabis spending, and BC has been showing some serious love to its cannabis retail industry.

According to StatsCan, $23.645 million in cannabis was sold in the province by retailers. A very slight decrease from the $23.699 million it sold in April. This dip of just over $50,000 is only the second time there has been a drop in monthly total dollar sales since cannabis was legalized in October 2018.

This is a remarkable increase over the same time last year, when BC only pulled in $4.155 million in cannabis revenue in June 2019.

These numbers place BC as the province with the fourth-highest total amount spent on cannabis in the country.

The province shelling out the most in May 2020 to get cannabis off a shelf was Ontario at $42.767 million, while Alberta spent $42.222 million — not bad considering Ontario has over 10 million more people. Those are followed by Quebec in third at 41.045 million, followed by a steep drop to BC’s $23.645 million.

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