Montreal police arrest 12 after raids on alleged cannabis dispensaries

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The contraband cannabis section (ACCESS) of the Montreal police department announced on Wednesday it arrested 12 persons and seized five kilos of contraband cannabis and 200 grams of hashish. Four raids carried out Tuesday were at sites allegedly linked to the Association des consommateurs de cannabis médical du Québec (ACCMQ).

The raids follow an investigation that began in March after police learned that a café had opened that was allegedly overseen by the ACCMQ and where it was possible to procure medical marijuana. The site was identified online as a private club where members could procure and consume various cannabis-based products on site.

The investigation led to four sites police say were affiliated with the ACCMQ, all of which were raided and their inventories seized.

A total of 12 people were arrested and released pending a court appearance.

In addition to the cannabis and hashish, police also seized various cannabis-based products including edibles, oils and vaping cartridges.

Montreal police are reminding the public that the sale of recreational cannabis outside government-run outlets is illegal.

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