420: Everything You Need to Know About Weed’s Biggest Day

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420 is cherished by all cannabis consumers but this year is the first time in its history that we’ve been forced to celebrate at home. In order to get in the spirit of the holiday, we’ve put together this collection of articles that should help set the mood even though the party simply won’t be the same.

As well as a very detailed history of the holiday, we have a list of the best strains for 420, an advice column from our very own Dear Dabby about the best ways to celebrate and one writer suggests the holiday died even before COVID-19 took away our ability to gather together. Enjoy this round up and make sure to digitally connect with your cannabis-loving friends and family on Monday to properly observe the holiday.

The history of 420 Cannabis Now

Steve Hagar was the first person to interview the Waldos, a group of high school friends who started the 420 tradition. As the editor of High Times Magazine, Hagar created the Cannabis Cup and was instrumental in both documenting and creating the 420 holiday we celebrate today. Here, he explains the full history of 420 in three acts.

Our very own cannabis advice columnist Dear Dabby answers some of your most pressing questions about this sacred holiday.

Popular Strains to smoke on 420 Cannabis Now

This list is more a combination of availability in legal markets, availability in black markets as well as the hype and excitement around each of these fabulous cuts. While this list is sure to be controversial with so much fantastic cannabis to choose from, we feel it’s a healthy snapshot of market enthusiasm around some of America’s best pot.

Essential 420 tips 2018 Cannabis Now

Think of this list as some boxes that are definitely worth checking in your preparations. Some will be a pinch more obvious, some a bit more advanced, but in the end, they’ll all contribute to a fantastic holiday experience.

420 Smokers in San Francisco Cannabis Now

With the steady infusion of corporate funding and profit-oriented philosophy into the cannabis industry, this author argues that cultural institutions like 420 will never be the same.

420 Cannabis Now

International Marijuana Day is now such an ingrained part of cannabis culture that many people, especially under the age of thirty, probably assume it has always been celebrated as the high holy day of hemp (well, really cannabis) but in reality, the roots of 420 are fairly new.

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