Here’s what you should know about CBD and heart health

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CBD studies have demonstrated positive evidence when it comes to treating and preventing a range of illnesses, including degenerative diseases, cancer and metabolic disorders. But what about preventing heart disease and promoting heart health?

While CBD has grown in popularity across the world and has shown plenty of promise in treating diseases and increasing people’s quality of life, studies are still in their infancy and the compound remains without FDA approval in the United States. The one condition the Feds have approved for CBD treatment is epilepsy. With all other treatments, CBD should be administered with care and with the approval of a doctor.

Healthline reports that some aspects of CBD make it worth investigating when it comes to heart disease prevention, like the compound’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant features. High blood pressure, one of the leading factors for hypertensive heart disease, is easily influenced by stress, one of the main aspects that CBD products treat.

A study conducted on healthy human subjects demonstrated that CBD managed to lower their blood pressure. These subjects’ results were compared to other volunteers who were given a placebo and who reported no change in their stress level. While this is good news, the effect of CBD on humans with heart conditions or predispositions to these kinds of diseases remains unknown.

Other studies conducted on animals show that CBD could protect subjects from strokes, promoting brain recovery and function and increasing cerebral blood flow. Still, there’s no data on how CBD could impact the human brain.

Among the negative side effects associated with CBD, none appear to create complications when it comes to heart disease. The one concern that most experts bring up is the fact that CBD could produce adverse side effects when consumed in conjunction with other substances in medications. This is due to CBD’s interactions with liver enzymes, which process most of the substances we ingest.

As usual, before taking CBD as medication for serious conditions, it’s very important to have an open conversation with a doctor who might prescribe dosage and a product with your specific case in mind.

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