U.S. company created ultimate Canadian dream by combining cannabis and maple syrup

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It sounds like the Canadian dream.

Cannabis and maple syrup: Two Canadian institutions, come together as one, delicious breakfast condiment.

But while it may seem like the most Canadian product imaginable, this tasty THC-infused delicacy from pot shop Cultivate and Pure BS Maple Shack is farmed and concocted in Auburn, Mass. and only available to residents of (and visitors to) the state for now. That means Canucks will have to take a road trip to sample the syrup.

The product doesn’t taste entirely like a traditional maple syrup, said Cultivate executive chef Lianne Whalen, and not just because Whalen opted to add some bourbon to the formula for flavour.

“It does have a decent weedy taste, but unless you’re using it as a sublingual, it pretty much dissipates once you put it on any sort of edible food that you’ll be ingesting,” she told MassLive.

Whelan explained that it took months to get the combination up to the standards of chefs, sap masters and weed enthusiasts. “We wanted to infuse it, but not add or impart any sort of off-flavours, which is why it took so long to come up with the proprietary natural emulsion,” she said.

For Pure BS Maple Shack owner Bruce Hopper, the combination of cannabis and syrup has been long time coming.

“I personally think it tastes a lot like butterscotch because it’s bourbon-flavoured maple,” commented Cultivate employee Dan Brodeur. “It’s very, very good.”

For Pure BS Maple Shack owner Bruce Hopper, the combination of cannabis and syrup has been long time coming, and he couldn’t be happier to see things come to fruition. “It’s exciting not only to taste and experience these various end-products, but the other thing that’s been great for me is I’m getting to partner with all these fantastic entrepreneurs that all have a lot of energy and creativity,” Hopper said. “I’m just tickled to death to be part of it.”

The syrup, which comes bottled with a dropper for measuring a precise dose, is not cheap, ringing it at US$70 for a four-ounce (about 118 ml) bottle.

But rest assured, the product is versatile enough that it might be worth it for connoisseurs of either syrup or cannabis.

“You can put it on or in pretty much whatever you want. You can use it as a sublingual tincture, you can put it on your sweet potatoes, french toast, coffee, pretty much anything and everything,” Whalen said.

Seems like a great way to kick off the chillest morning ever.

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