Bought cannabis? Here’s where it needs to go for the drive home in Nova Scotia

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Nova Scotia RCMP are reminding the public to put their pot out of people’s reach when driving. 

“It’s been almost a year now since the legalization of cannabis and we’re still finding there are a lot of errors being made,” Const. Chad Morrison said at a Dartmouth demonstration Wednesday of how to legally transport cannabis. 

RCMP officers have issued 172 tickets and 47 warnings for illegal transportation of cannabis in a motor vehicle within RCMP jurisdiction across the province since last Oct. 18. 

“As far as errors that we’re seeing, it’s essentially the products are being kept in the front of the vehicle where the occupants are,” Morrison said. 

The same rules for transporting alcohol apply to cannabis. Cannabis must be in a closed or fastened package and out of reach and not readily accessible to anyone in the vehicle.

Morrison said RCMP have been receiving a lot of questions about where to store cannabis in different types of vehicles, such as hatchbacks and motorcycles. 

People should be placing cannabis in the trunk, Morrison said. 

“For a motorcycle, it would be really difficult to have the product out of reach of the driver because he could pretty much reach anywhere within the surrounding area,” he said.

“However, putting it in any of these side bags or side pouches, it would not be readily accessible to him and that would be taking reasonable steps.” 

The motorcyclist could also put it in a backpack because it “would be out of reach and not readily accessible to the rider,” Morrison said. 

While many purchase cannabis from the NSLC, the same rules apply to people sharing cannabis they’ve grown themselves.

“People can use their own packaging, but it must be in some sort of packaging,” Morrison said, giving examples of a resealable bag or plastic container. 

Edibles, when legalized on Oct. 17, must be transported the same way as cannabis and other cannabis products.

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