Yes, you can smoke pot at your Yukon campsite this summer

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Campers making use of Yukon territorial parks could be smelling something different around their campfires this summer — marijuana.

The Department of Environment says campers will be allowed to smoke cannabis on their individual sites.

"We're following the same approach as we do to liquor," said Mike Etches, director of Yukon Parks. 

"So, you can consume liquor on your campsite, you can consume cannabis on your campsite." 

But he says marijuana can't be consumed in public areas in the territory's 42 campgrounds.

Etches also says that complaints about marijuana use will be handled the same way parks staff deal with alcohol-related complaints, such as excessive noise, underage users and use in prohibited areas.

The Yukon model is similar to that set by other parks agencies, including B.C. Parks and Parks Canada.

The territorial government website says some Yukon campgrounds will be in service as of May 10, with others to follow a week later.

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