State Department To Canada: Go Ahead And Legalize Marijuana, See If We Care

The Department of State thinks that it’s just fine if Canada and Mexico decide to legalize recreational marijuana.

State Spokesman John Kirby answered a question at a Thursday press briefing about whether the recent federal election in Canada, as well as the Mexican Supreme Court ruling, would impact crime cooperation. The ruling established a constitutional right to recreational marijuana for personal use — for four individuals, leaving the country’s drug laws untouched. 

“[I]t’s up to the people of each nation to decide policies,” Kirby said. “And in this case, it’s up to the people of Mexico to decide which drug policies are most appropriate for their country within the framework of international law.”

But Kirby emphasized that U.S. law enforcement is still intent on fighting drug trafficking and adhering to the three UN drug conventions. Those drug conventions, however, allow member states are a certain amount of flexibility in how...

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