High Scores: How video games manipulate us, and the weed factor

Plenty of things are assumed to be best buds with marijuana: sugary snacks, laser light shows, week-long guitar solos and, of course, video games.

But what exactly causes players to devote hours at a time to Candy Crush, World of Warcraft or The Witcher 3? What makes video games different when it comes to grabbing and holding our attention?

The marijuana element may seem obvious, especially with mellow, couch-locking indica strains. You smoke (or eat, or vape) and voilà: the trash is not going to take itself out, and your dinner consists of whatever you can grab without putting down the PS4 controller.

 The Science of Capturing People's Attention" on why there's such a deep connection between video games and weed

Journalist and author Ben Parr (Jonathan Leibson, Getty Images for Vanity Fair)

But Ben Parr, author of “Captivology: The...

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