Ganja can heal our nation - Wright-O'Connor, Seiveright believe Ja can reap rich rewards from legalising marijuana

 Daviot Kelly, Staff Reporter

Head of the Morris Entrepreneurship Centre (MEC), Hazel Wright-O'Connor, believes young persons can create business ventures using medical marijuana, provided the plant is legalised.

The MEC is an outreach unit of the Northern Caribbean University (NCU). The centre's primary focus is to provide business-development services for micro, small and medium-size enterprises.

Wright-O'Connor said students from the university's chemistry, biology and biochemistry departments were doing "wonderful things", including the creation of preservatives using gel, which eliminates the need for refrigeration.

"Can you imagine what they can do with ganja?" she asked. "I have no doubt that once ganja is legalised, our students can create wonderful, innovative things."

Wright-O'Connor said she has seen the work of medical marijuana firsthand as her late mother used ganja drops for her eyes. She started doing this after getting fed up with having to travel to the United Kingdom every six months...

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