Weeding out ganja myths

Ian Boyne

We are so intoxicated about the prospects of escaping our perennial poverty through the booming US$140-billion global ganja business that we couldn't care less about any scientific evidence which might exist about its potential harm. Ganja market and investment enthusiasts - not to mention Rastafarians like Michael Lorne - are so high over decriminalisation that they are impatient of discussion of any negative effect of ganja smoking.

When Dr Derrick Aarons pointed out in a recent In Focus article ('Protect kids from ganja') that "a not-so-well-known or little-discussed fact is that the intake of ganja into the body negatively affects short-term memory, thereby inhibiting a student's ability to learn", he was attacked as alarmist. Our aversion to reading is what is behind so much intolerance and incivility.

Dr Sanjay Gupta, CNN medical analyst who is being hailed for his recent series on weed, is on record as saying...

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